TeSys Giga Contactors to control motors up to 800A

TeSys Giga is Schneider Electric's new range of contactors that answer these evolving needs. TeSys Giga Contactors support the evolution of processes and offer new services to reduce nonproduction time to a minimum. Replacing TeSys F Contactors, TeSys Giga Contactors address a wide range of demanding applications with built-in advanced features and functionalities.

TeSys Giga Contactors

TeSys Giga Contactors are designed to work with components and accessories with advanced performance. The characteristics of robustness and longevity are maintained, both in the connectors and in the switching.

Continuous local and remote monitoring of contact wear optimizes predictive maintenance by allowing you to replace contacts only when necessary, facilitated by diagnostic visual indicator.

Every customer will benefit from the innovative design and feature, including the compact size, wideband electronic coils, embedded auxiliary contact blocks, ergonomic design, or flexibility in connections.

• TeSys Giga Contactors provide robust control solutions for AC-3/AC-3e applications up to 800 A and AC-1 applications up to 1050 A.
• TeSys Giga Contactors can be part of a direct-on-line motor starter, reversing motor starter or a star-delta motor starter and power switching application.
• TeSys Giga Contactors provide contact wear diagnostic and wideband AC/DC control.
• Suitable for type 2 coordination as per IEC60947-4-1

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