About the Client

As part of a refurbishment programme at its Bangor site aimed at reinforcing its reputation and image, SERC college has invested in an array of attractive and eco-friendly LED luminaires from AJ Hurst utilising Dextra Lighting’s diverse range of precision-engineered products. The LED upgrade has not only helped to strengthen the college’s appeal to prospective students, parents, and business partners alike, but has offered fast ROIs through long-term energy and maintenance savings.

South Eastern Regional College (SERC) is a Further Education college based in Northern Ireland with over 100 years of history of providing vocational and technical courses. Its industry focussed curricula has allowed the college to form long-term partnerships with major UK companies and, over the years, it has consolidated a pragmatic business approach to education. So far, it has maintained its top 30 status in the UK by continually improving its facilities and services in a financially and environmentally sustainable way.

The college is extremely aware of the importance of education in building a strong workforce and promoting economic growth, however with a current drop in public spending, the challenge has been to keep the college competitive on a global level whilst adhering to tightening budgets.

High-quality LED Lighting plays a dual role in this scenario, insofar as it helps to create a modern and aesthetically appealing environment to boost the college’s profile as well as minimising utility bills and carbon emissions. Thanks to recent technological developments in LED, well-designed lighting solutions can provide institutions with a noticeably higher quality of light whilst significantly reducing energy and maintenance costs compared to fluorescent or HID alternatives. These savings allow new lighting systems to pay for themselves within 2 to 3 years once installed.

With lighting amounting to up to 23% of a typical school’s energy consumption, ECA-approved LED luminaires and sensor technology rank highly amongst products listed in government sponsored funding programmes, making refurbishments more affordable for the public sector. By converting to LED, schools and colleges can also expect to reap the financial benefits of performing better in the government’s Carbon Reduction Commitment league table.